3D Print Finishing Service

We help you to select the right processing solution to choose the most suitable techniques to meet your requirement.

PostPro3D® Finishing Service

Using PostPro3D® achieves for the first time a surface finish that matches injection molding techniques by using a series of predefined parameters. PostPro3D® can achieve a surface finish with an RA of less than 1 micron.

This allows part surface finishing at the cost and speed competitive for high volume production. It has been fully tested for a wide range of consumer products, ranging from sportswear to medical applications, and automotive to aerospace.


We offer surface finishing using tumbling for mass finishing for fast deburring surface shinning and polishing.

Media Blasting
Sand-blasting is an excellent way to evenly abrade the surface of a printed object to remove the smooth, reflective surfaces of individual extrusions and create an homogenous, matte surface that scatters light evenly rather than with sharp reflections

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