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J-Supplied is a 3D Printing company that offers print and design services, 3D scanning, the resale of 3D Printers and accessories, and technical support. These are services that we are able to offer from our base in Cornwall through our connections to European and world-wide suppliers, and the hands-on approach of our team members to researching and experimenting with new technology. In undertaking print work for clients, we are able to offer the creation of products for consumers who would otherwise be unable to access 3D printing, while gaining a better understanding of the software and technology that we sell. This, in turn, equips our team with the practical expertise to assist our clients after their purchases through technical support and installation.

We offers a complete 3D printing and digitisation package for businesses and education settings. We provide 3D digitisation and 3D printing solutions. This entails:supplying and integrating industrial 3D printers and scanners; providing comprehensive, individualised training packages; offering a 3D printing service including product design and reverse engineering; and operating a warranty repair and technical support facility.  Our3D manufacturing facility offers multiple solutions to fit individual projects, including FDM and SLA, with the capability to print advanced thermoplastics and research on materials and applications for additive manufacturing methods, including the automotive and health sectors.

Our Policy's and Statements:

J-supplied Ltd is committed the protection of people and the environment. It will conduct its business with care and respect for the environment through the provision and application of sound environmental practices. This will be achieved through the application of a structured risk management approach.

Our commitment to the environment is to:

• Continually improve our environmental management systems to enhance environmental performance through the integration of recognised environmental management principles and best practice into our business operations

• Strive to reduce our consumption of resources and encourage the sustainable use of resources• Measure and take action to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions

• Manage waste generated throughout our business operations in accordance with the waste hierarchy• Manage our operations and activities to prevent pollution and protect biodiversity and ecosystems

• Give due consideration to environmental issues and energy performance in the design and development of new plant, equipment and processes

• Ensure that environmental criteria are taken into account in the procurement of goods and services, and throughout the entire supply chain

• Comply with as a minimum and exceed wherever possible all relevant environmental legislation as well as other environmental requirements to which our company subscribes

To meet our commitments, we will:

• Provide Executive Board oversight and review of environmental policies and performance, and allocate resources for their effective direction and implementation

• Set and monitor key objectives and targets for managing our environmental performance annually as a minimum

• Communicate internally and externally our environmental policy and performance on a regular basis

• Communicate the importance of environmental issues to our employees and contractors throughout the business

• Work in partnership with our employees, contractors, service partners, suppliers, customers and consumers to promote improved environmental performance

• Promote appropriate consideration of sustainability and environmental issues throughout our operations and the products and services we provide

• Review our environment policy regularly to ensure that it is complementary to our overall corporate social responsibility commitments

Directors, management and supervisory staff will give this Policy equal priority with all other business imperatives and will, through their line management, be held responsible for its implementation.Group support functions and external partners will provide professional, competent guidance and advice regarding matters relating to the environment.

J-supplied Ltd firmly believes that an excellent company is by definition a safe company. With the active support of employees at all levels, we are committed to organisational excellence and it therefore follows that minimising the risks to our people and the environment is inseparable from all other company objectives.

Anti-slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

J-Supplied 3D Ltd. is committed to maintaining and improving practices to combat slavery and human trafficking.

Company Overview

We are an additive manufacturing products and services supplier based in Launceston, Cornwall. We supply additive manufacturing products, provide maintenance and training, and advise on additive manufacturing solutions for our customers.

Our Principles and Policies

We understand that the role of businesses has become more significant in achieving a sustainable society. All of our internal manufacturing processes are UK-based, and all of our staff are required to understand our principles and policies regarding sustainability as part of their induction to the company.

Due diligence processes for slavery and human trafficking

We are currently reviewing our systems to identify and assess potential risk areas in our supply chains and based on our review we will put in place or strengthen our systems to:

  • mitigate the risk of slavery and human trafficking occurring in our supply chains
  • monitor potential risk areas in our supply chains
  • protect whistle-blowers

We plan to adopt a risk-based approach on due diligence and prioritise our efforts and resources based on the potential level of risks in our supply chains. Within our supply chains, we are currently focusing our due diligence efforts on procurement activities because we source raw materials and parts from third-party suppliers in various countries. We will continue to identify and assess other potential areas of risks and take appropriate measures to combat them.

Supplier adherence to our values

We have zero tolerance to slavery and human trafficking. We proactively engage with our suppliers regarding slavery and human trafficking which may be present either in their business or their own supply chains. In the event that suppliers fail to provide assurance to cease or prevent slavery, human trafficking or other adverse human rights impacts, we will consider terminating our business relationships with those suppliers.


To ensure a high level of understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains and our business, we provide training to our staff.

Our effectiveness in combating slavery and human trafficking

We strive to ensure that we do not contribute towards slavery, human trafficking or other adverse human rights impacts through our supply chains. We intend to only engage with those suppliers that share our principles and values.

Further Steps

We will continue to review our anti-slavery and human trafficking policy. We will update our Modern Day Slavery Statements and publish it annually.

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