3D printers

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Industrial FDM



Large Format 3D printers

Large format 3D printers allow for rapid prototyping without compromising on scale. Suitable for professionals, this particular technology expands the possibilities of 3D printing in the workplace, to benefit the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and education sectors.
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Desktop 3D printers

A reliable solution for professionals and hobbyists alike, desktop 3D printers make 3D printing technology accessible in the home and the workplace. Capable of replicating detailed designs, desktop 3D printers are suitable for a range of uses, from medical modelling to jewellery making. Additionally, the 'plug and play' nature of many desktop models of 3D printers means that they are easy to use, making them a great addition to the classroom.
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Metal 3D printers

The development of metal 3D printers expands the existing capabilities of additive manufacturing, by removing the previous limits on the materials that could be used. These printers offer a cleaner approach to working with metals on a large scale through additive manufacturing, with less waste than traditional methods. Additionally, they are incredibly beneficial to the aerospace, manufacture, automotive, and robotics fields, where a high level of precision is essential.
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Industrial FDM 3D printers

Industrial 3D printers are engineered for large-scale additive manufacturing applications. Capable of printing at high temperatures, industrial FDM 3D printers can create stronger, more resilient final products, which are suitable in a range of industries, from construction to aerospace.
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SLA 3D printers

Stereolithography offers an alternative to FDM 3D printing, through its use of light to harden resin. Items produced by SLA printers are watertight, and have  a smooth finish once they have been post-processed. The resilience of objects created through SLA, as well as their potential for detailing, have made it a popular solution in the dental and engineering sectors.
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SLS 3D printers

A staple piece of technology for decades amongst engineers and manufacturers, SLS 3D printers use a high power laser in its version of additive manufacturing. The nature of this technology means that it has a low cost per part, making it a valuable solution in both rapid prototyping and custom manufacturing.
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