3D Print Service UK: Major Fields that Have Incorporated It

3D Print Service UK: Major Fields that Have Incorporated It

Here’s a glance at 5 industries that utilize 3D print services and equipment. Visit J-Supplied 3D in case you require the best 3D print service UK offers.

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August 2, 2021

A significant number of industries, many of which have incorporated additive manufacturing into their production process, have taken the leap into 3Dprinting. In this post, we will highlight five such fields to exploit the beneficial applications of 3D printing, and their influence on manufacturing processes across the globe.

These five fields demonstrate the best that the UK has to offer in 3Dprint services, while creating potential to transform manufacturing. This doesn't mean that older manufacturing techniques are obsolete, but instead improves them with the help of the latest in this technology.

Prominent Industries that are Utilizing the Latest 3D Print Service UK Offers

Take a look at the following industries that are greatly benefiting from3D printing services:

1. Robotics

Whether it is to improve adaptability or to reduce mass, the possibilities are endless when it comes to 3D printing robot parts successfully. Some parts and accessories, such as sensor holders and grippers, prove costly to build and need to be modified according to their applications.

3D printers are advantageous to robotic engineers in the manufacture of-

●      Whole robot parts, to help decrease the overall weight of the product

●      Complex parts that fulfil a specific purpose, such as moulds for arm-ends and gripper fingers 

Using a 3D printer and the highest quality of 3D printer filament the UK has to offer is preferable, because it proves cost-effective in multiple ways. For starters, the arm moulds created through this method work quicker and can move bulkier items. Instead of spending more on something they can’t even customize, professionals can entrust 3D printers with the task. This way, they receive light weight parts of improved quality at merely a fraction of the cost.

2. Education and Research

With a steady rise in 3D printing applications, educational institutions are making efforts to reach the forefront of this new technology by including some of these applications in research and higher education.

Whether you are a professor who needs to distribute teaching materials for3D printing in medicine, or share the curriculum with doctoral students, these printers prove useful in a number of ways. Several universities have also gotten interested in educating their students regarding emerging technologies useful for additive manufacturing.

3. Aviation and Spaceflight

This industry only utilizes parts, equipment, and solutions of the highest calibre. In addition, these elements must be as light as possible because they will be subjected to extreme conditions and substances, while withstanding heavy loads on a regular basis.

Failure of even a single part typically leads to system failure on complex machines, entrusted with carrying lives and luggage. Therefore, there is no room for failure. Due to this pressing need for part precision, engineers make use of extremely accurate 3D print inspection tools that also decrease the expenses surrounding parts with low volume.

4. Automobile and Electronics

The automotive industry has witnessed numerous developments in additive manufacturing, with reputable establishments such as Audi making use of more than one resin 3D printer in the UK, and additional 3D printing services. Their use isn’t limited to luxury car manufacturers either, as many race car giants and sub-manufacturers utilize these technologies as well.  

Automakers have realized that the true value of all the parts generated using this technology lies in the tools and fixtures that support the production process. Some common examples include jigs and prototypes that must be rigid, robust, and long-lasting. Additionally, 3D printers are also used to construct replacement parts for dated and vintage vehicles, ensuring the availability of legacy car parts.

5. Production and Manufacturing

3D printing technology has placed decades-old manufacturing methods in disarray. Whether it comes to producing brackets, fixtures, or making changes to the dashboard, companies have become capable of producing custom tools and accessories that are seldom required, at a far more reasonable price.

The outstanding performance of UK-based 3D print services has expanded the technical possibilities for engineers and designers, allow them to create efficient products and streamline the manufacturing process, with the added bonus of reducing overheads.

Thanks to 3D printing, small-scale manufacturers can benefit from the same opportunities as their large-scale counterparts, meaning they can give a much-needed boost to their outputs and processing. 3D printers also give corporations increased creative freedom, while reducing their time and labour-related expenses.

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3D Print Service UK: Major Fields that Have Incorporated It
3D Print Service UK: Major Fields that Have Incorporated It
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