3D Printed Model Buggy

3D Printed Model Buggy

J-Supplied 3D
July 9, 2021

Who are we?

We are J-Supplied3D, a 3D printing company in the UK specialising in 3D printing services, 3D printers and filaments. At j-Supplied 3D we love to tackle new and challenging projects to showcase what our array of products can create.

Our most recent project has been to create a 1/8 scale model buggy using some of the products we sell and 3D printing files from 3DSets. This project really shows how much fun you can have with 3D printing and gives a glimpse at what you can create with a desktop 3D printer.

Who are 3DSets?

3DSets sell a selection of files for 3D printed car scale models so you can print your own! From 3DSets you can buy and download files needed to 3D print each component of the model, plus additional accessories and free lifetime file updates so you can continue to upgrade your model for free. They also provide comprehensive online build guides, to help you along with your build and an online community so you can discuss your build with other 3D printing enthusiasts.

Using the files you can 3D print most parts, including the complete gearbox! Once you have these files you can then reprint any part at any time, should you ever need spares.

Model 7: Buggy

For this build we used the file: Model 7: Buggy’. Some features of this specific model include; light terrain/ on-road capabilities, rear wheel drive, adjustable chassis height, durable and quiet belt transmission, easy to maintain and repair and is all ready for lights and sound modules!

Products used:

To create the Buggy, we printed each component individually on our print farm, using the Craftbot Flow IDEX printer and Fiberlogy filaments selected to fit the purpose and desired aesthetic of the build.


The Craftbot Flow IDEX was perfect for this project. It is a reliable desktop printer, fitted with dual extruders and all-metal hot ends capable of printing up too 300C. It is ready to 3D print with multiple materials at once, including soluble support material that opens up design possibilities beyond what a single head extrusion printer can provide.

Fiberlogy Filaments

Fiberlogy filaments are made using high-quality raw materials to cover many uses. For this Buggy build, a range of filaments were used:

For the black body parts of the buggy (as seen above) were printed using Fiberlogy PACF. These filaments contain carbon fibers which allow for reduced weight, while still maintaining its high structural stiffness, perfect for the body!

For the metallic parts of the build Fibersilk Filaments were used. Fibersilk gives the prints a metallic shine, ideal for the metal components of the build.

As the tires required a more flexible material with impact strength, Fiberflex 30D was used. This filament has more flexibility and is recommended especially for printing tires, seals belts and other elastic elements.

The final filament used was NylonPA12. This was used for the gears and motion system. This material is particularly useful for mechanical and technical applications due to its extremely strong and durable properties.

Save On The Products Used

If you’re interested in any of the files we used in this project, 3DSets are currently offering 20% off their Model 7: Buggy using the code 'IWantBuggy'. Or if you're interested in any of the materials used, we are offering 10% off all Fiberlogy filaments using the code 'FIBERLOGY10!' and 10% off the CraftbotFlow IDEX printer, perfect for model makers and hobbyists using the code 'CRAFT10!'

Process photos

You can find a selection of photos below showing the whole process of building the Buggy:


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