3D Printing in Medicine: 6 Amazing Applications & Advantages

3D Printing in Medicine: 6 Amazing Applications & Advantages

3D printing technology is benefiting nearly every field across the globe. Read this blog to find the applications of 3D printing in medicine and healthcare.

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September 22, 2021

3D printing is quickly developing into one of the best ways to assist various medical applications. From product customization and prototyping to product research and manufacturing, there are numerous areas of application for 3D printing.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the major uses of 3D printing in medicine, including those that go beyond general medical practice, such as prostheses and tissue engineering.

6 Major Applications of 3D Printing in Medicine

Let’s take a look at the six most prominent uses of 3D printing in medicine and how they’re proving useful in each of these:

1. Medical instruments and products

This is one of the most apparent outcomes of 3D printing technology. There are, in fact, several types of surgical instruments and tools being 3D printed across the globe, from forceps to clamps.

A group of engineers even helped a hospital in Italy last year by supplying them with respiratory valves during an acute shortage. Forced to abandon established protocol, the team successfully 3D-printed a hundred valves in one day despite being unable to obtain the original blueprints due to manufacturing regulations.

The production of tools using a 3D printer filament UK based suppliers provide is done so in a more sterile manner in comparison with the stainless-steel version and costs are significantly lower as well. 3D printing can, therefore, enable surgeons to replace their tools quickly whenever required.

2. Reconstructed tissue and organs

There are multiple kinds of research and experiments being conducted to find out whether 3D printing is successful in replicating human organs. If hospitals can 3D-print patient-specific organs, surgeons can use them for practice before the actual operation.

This is going to be a valuable achievement, especially for extremely complicated procedures such as organ transplants, spinal repair, and birth complication operations.

3. Prosthetic Devices with Greater Precision

One of the best ways to make use of the 3D print service UK based companies offer in the medical field is to construct all kinds of prosthetic devices. This will not only reduce the cost (traditionally built prostheses are not very affordable) but are also often uncomfortable for the wearer.

4. Bioprinting Using Bio-inks

Although bioprinting isn’t a quick method to print, it offers great potential for the medicinal field. Researchers make use of bio-inks for this process. These are essentially hydrogel-based materials capable of providing support to cells as they create their own natural extracellular matrices.

Bioprinting opens the door to an exciting range of possible uses. For instance, medical experts will no longer have to test drugs on animals as they will be able to print human skin on the best resin 3D printer UK can provide for this purpose.

5. Dental and Orthodontic applications

This technology has excellent potential in the fields of dentistry and orthodontics. It is already being integrated into both as it helps in constructing precise and comfortable braces, dental crowns, bridges, restorations, and other components to support the human dental structure.  

6. Pharmacology and Drug Administration

This is another application that proves 3D printing in medicine truly holds the potential for groundbreaking improvements. Several people around the world are forced to take multiple pills for multiple ailments on a daily basis. However, pharmacology specialists and 3D printing experts can work together to create special 3D printed pills. These can be made capable of storing several medications in a single pill that is designed to release each medication at the required time.

In Summary

3D printing in medicine is certainly an area that holds excellent potential. It is no wonder, then that it is becoming increasingly researched by healthcare professionals.

Healthcare providers are bound to keep patients safer and more comfortable while helping them recuperate faster and improving their quality of life. 3D printing applications can also assist doctors in offering better services and decrease healthcare expenses while offering a dramatic increase in precision.

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