Case Study's & white papers

Is filament heating before use necessary? Check why and how you should dry 3D printing materials.
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ULTEM™ - features and applications
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A Race Against Time to Bring Back the Vintage Porsche 911
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Zortrax Endureal: The New Industrial 3D Printer for High-Temp Polymers
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Building Custom Large-scale Audio Systems with 3D Printing
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Sports Gear 3D Printed on Zortrax M300 Dual Goes to the European Shooting Championships
Céline Goberville, a French multiple world champion and Olympic silver medalist in air pistol shooting, will use a custom pistol grip 3D printed on Zortrax M300 Dual at European Championships and Tokyo Summer Olympics.
Athletics 3D, a manufacturer of the 3D printed grip, used the M300 Dual to accurately recreate internal architecture of the stock grip that comes with the Morini CM 162el air pistol.
Céline Goberville tied the Olympic record in one of the early training sessions with her new 3D printed pistol grip.Read More
Switching Between Subtractive and Additive Manufacturing in ZMorph VX
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Fire engine's manifold 3D printout
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END-USE PART: Race car weight reduction
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3D print of the housing used in the agricultural vehicle
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How to Use a 3D Printing Farm to Manufacture Lamps
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Creating an Electric Motorbike with 3D Printing
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Why Modern Car Designers Use 3D Printers
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3D Printing in Renewable Energy and Eco-Friendly Heating Systems
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Dark Cell: How 3D Printing Cuts Costs in Moviemaking
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Taking 3D Printing to the Moon and Beyond
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The MassVentil Project
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Enabling the Future with a Helping Hand
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From Fishing to Fashion
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Adidas in 3D printing
Running Towards a Sustainable Movement
Adidas’s Pursuit to Create Sustainable Solutions from Recycled MaterialsRead More
Upgraded HEPA Filter Mod for CraftBot FLOW Generation Printer Domes
Activated carbon filter has also been suggested to improve reducing harmful emissions.Read More
Using 3D scanning, 3D printing and Post-Processing to Produce Models for Machine Learning
On a bottling production line, bottles with caps that have been fitted in such a way that makes them fit for purpose need to be rapidly and precisely identified. In this instance there are two specific cases that need to be looked out for: a missing tamper, and a skewed cap.
Machine learning offers a great solution to this problem. By training an algorithm to be able to recognise these cases removes the need for manual inspection and reduces the scope for human error.Read More
Distributed Manufacturing: 3D Printing for All
This blog article looks at distributed manufacturing with 3D printers today, and explores some of the opportunities that it could bring in the very near future. Although not quite as advanced as the 24th-century technology imagined in Star Trek, 3D printing and distributed manufacturing could very soon revolutionise almost every aspect of our lives.
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How Can the Construction Industry Make Use of Additive Manufacturing?
Industry disruptors are already beginning to make use of digital and automated technologies to address some of those latent issues in construction. Building information modelling (BIM) is being adopted both by large construction firms and boutique companies to improve the quality and efficiency of numerous projects. Computer assisted design (CAD) has become an integral part of almost all building projects.
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The Benefits of Reverse Engineering with 3D Scans
Reverse engineering is an important step in design, manufacturing and engineering processes. It is the means by which existing parts and systems are measured and analysed so they can be reproduced or improved.
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Door & Doom Install Craftbot Flow Idex
Installation guide to installing a Door and Dome to the Idex flow rangeRead More
How Dentists Can Go Back to Work After COVID-19
The already close relationship between dentistry and orthodontics and AM will be strengthened by some of the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak.
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More Than Details – SHINING 3D Launches AutoScan-DS-MIX High-End Dental Lab 3D Scanner
SHINING 3D, the whole digital dental solution provider from 3D Digitizing, through Intelligent Design, to Additive Manufacturing, is proud to announce the launch of the AutoScan-DS-MIX high-end dental lab 3D scanner.Read More
Customized Prosthetics Shell by 3D Scanning and Printing
Reverse Designed Prosthetic Limbs by Using the EinScan 3D Scanners & Printed using the EP-P3850 PrinterRead More
Craftbot Flow Bed Calibration Fault
This video is about Craftbot Flow Idex, Common Bed Calibration Fault - With Easy FixRead More
Craftbot Flow Idex Nozzle Change
Watch this quick video showing how an expert changes a nozzle , on a Craftbot Flow IDEX Read More
EP-M250 SLM 3D Printer Produced the Cupping Injection Molds
A cupping manufacturer used SHINING 3D EP-M250 SLM 3D printer to produce metal molds with conformal cooling channels, in order to improve the quality of final cuppings and injection efficiency.Read More
3D Printed Metal Racecar Condenser Opens Future Possibilities in Racing
The HRT Racing Team from the Harbin Institute of Technology won 3rd place in the 2018 Student’s Formula Electric China. As a sponsor, SHINING 3D worked closely with HRT Racing Team in the race, providing the racing team with not only metal 3D printing technology, but also expertise in automotive 3D printing, and making joint efforts in producing an electric racecar.Read More
Ford Mustang Applied A 3D Printed Exhaust Pipe
Overview:Successfully customised an auto exhaust pipe printed by Shining 3D EP-M250 metal 3D printer and the exhaust pipe has been used in a Ford Mustang car for assembly trial.Read More
Metal 3D Printing for Small Batch Diverse Sheet Metal Flexible Manufacturing
Metal additive manufacturing refers to the technology that produces 3D parts layer by layer using metal powders. This process enables production of complex structure of industrial parts which would be otherwise impossible to manufacture through traditional methods. SHINING 3D provides advancing metal 3D printing solutions to bring higher productivity, product quality and working efficiency for enterprises as well as small businesses.Read More
Spinal Implant Manufacturing Using EP-M250 Metal 3D Printer
Customising treatments with additive manufacturingAs additive manufacturing technologies continue to advance so do their applications and accessibility. While rapid prototyping and tooling have been at the forefront of 3D printing, the endgame has always been to be able to print directly into production, or direct to manufacturing. The medical world is no different. While the first applications of 3D printing in medical fields were prototyping and visualization guides, the technology has finally reached the point of customised implants using state of the art 3D Printers.Read More