Large Format 3D Printing

Industry 4.0 has seen monumental developments in the additive manufacturing sphere, meaning that new, creative solutions have been developed to meet the needs of key sectors. Our large format 3D printers can offer new ways of manufacturing on a large scale, in size and number, with materials suitable for the medical, aerospace, industrial, architectural, and automotive fields.

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At J-Supplied, we pride ourselves on bringing the pioneering brands of additive manufacturing to our customers.

Large-format 3D printing is finding new uses across the medical, aerospace, and architectural sectors, and the development of technology for these fields has resulted in machines capable of working quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing an attention to detail.


Available for self-assembly or to purchase pre-assembled, Modix offer affordable, reliable solutions for large-format 3D printing.


The CreatBot D600 Pro and the CreatBot F1000 offer a highly precise and stable method of large-format 3D printing.


Specialising in the industrial engineering sector, ATMAT offer heavy-duty machinery with some of the largest building capabilities in Europe.

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