April 6, 2021
Craftbot Flow Idex Nozzle Change

Watch this quick video showing how an expert changes a nozzle , on a Craftbot Flow IDEX

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Upgraded HEPA Filter Mod for CraftBot FLOW Generation Printer Domes

Max Lobo

Activated carbon filter has also been suggested to improve reducing harmful emissions.
Using 3D scanning, 3D printing and Post-Processing to Produce Models for Machine Learning

On a bottling production line, bottles with caps that have been fitted in such a way that makes them fit for purpose need to be rapidly and precisely identified. In this instance there are two specific cases that need to be looked out for: a missing tamper, and a skewed cap. Machine learning offers a great solution to this problem. By training an algorithm to be able to recognise these cases removes the need for manual inspection and reduces the scope for human error.
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