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ATMAT Jupiter

The ATMAT Juipter is equipped with the latest technological solutions of an industry standard, and designed to improve the production process while increasing productivity. Jupiter has been used in the industrial, architectural, automotive, and aviation sectors.

  • Capable of printing objects up to 2m long, with a chamber that measures 2000mm x 1000mm x 1000mm (XYZ).
  • Utilises FDM technology, and is compatible with PLA, PET-G, PA, and ABS.
  • Granite bed with a highly efficient heating system.
  • Filament case with dehumidifying containers.

Granite bed with a high efficient heating system

The working platform is equipped with a high efficient heating system, thanks to which the user can be sure that the whole work bed will be heated to temperature.

High-performance printing system

The printer is equipped with two heads specifically designed for large-scale production.

The first is a high-performance head that uses two extruders with a connected mixing tank. This enables high speed printing with up to 0.5kg of material being processed per hour.

The second head is an auxiliary with a single extruder, used to produce support structures or models requires high levels of accuracy.

Filament case with dehumidifying containers

While designing  a large-format 3D printer, it was important to assure the uninterrupted operation, which is the basic principle for long large-format prints. A filament case was created, which can hold 3 spools of filament, each up to 10 kg in weight.

This solution guarantees long-term printing and continuous work  without the need to replace materials.

Additionally, the filaments are located in containers with dehumidifiers to limit the absorption of moisture from the air, which guarantees stability of their properties.

Magnetic Drive

The head movement in the X and Y axes is performed by a magnetic linear drive with an absolute encoder. This drive guarantees higher speeds, acceleration and more accurate positioning. It has no mechanical parts that can be damaged.

The encoder allows continuous reading of the position in which the head is located, so there is no material displacement in the printer and each subsequent layer is always applied in the right place.

Intelligent machine control systems

The printer is equipped with intelligent control systems that allow the user to react quickly to problems that may arise. In case of power failure, the user can resume the printing process, which in case of prints lasting several days guarantees stability and uninterrupted production.

The device is also equipped with a sensor of lack of filament flow, preventing sudden interruption of the printout, as well as a sensor for measuring the weight of the filament, allowing to predict the quantity of material needed to print the prepared model. Besides, the device is equipped with automatic nozzle height calibration, semi-automatic bedlevelling, semi-automatic filament exchange and automatic levelling of the XY frame.

Thermally insulated, heated chamber

Maintaining a stable environment inside the printer's working chamber is a key function that impacts on the material used for printing.

Thanks to the constant temperature in the printed model there is no processing shrinkage, causing delamination of the layers and adhesion of the model to the bed is improved.

Restart of the printout after a power interruption

In case of a power outage, the user can restart the printing process. This functionality guarantees the stability and continuity of a few days' production processes and also reduces material losses.

After the power supply is cut off, the controller saves the current position of the head, so when the current flow is restored, the user can resume printing in the control panel.

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