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EP-3500 3D Model Printing System

EP-3500 3D printer is independently developed by Shining 3D, boasting of low cost, high efficiency, ultra big print envelop, ensuring high production capacity to meet customers’ever-growing demands. Furthermore, it also features better stability, more user-friendly operation, higher accuracy.

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EP-3500 3D Printer’s Applications and Advantages

Data from intra-oral scanner or model scanner can be processed for printing, including fixed restoration model, removable partial restoration model, orthodontics model, pre-operative model(help doctors simulate the surgery before it is carried out on patient, reducing the surgical risks)

• Flexible printing platform, suitable for various applications
• Hardware upgraded, guarantee high productuvity
• Easy-to-replace print platform, make the best use of time to print and post-processing
• Low cost material, more profit goes to the customers
• Open system for data import

Improvement of Productivity

After upgrading, a full plate of quarter models (around 75 pcs) can be printed in 7 hours, which helps improve productivity on customer's site.


Build Volume (X*Y*Z)


Layer Thickness


Print Accuracy

±0.05mm(within 100mm) or ±0.05%(more than 100mm)

Scan Speed

up to 10m/s

Laser Wavelength


Laser Power


Galvanometer Scanner

SCANLAB from Germany

Laser Spot Size


Print Material

355nm photosensitive resin


220V, 50kHZ, 2.5kW

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