Training Specifications - Level 1 'Basic Operator' Training

  • -Designed for staff with no prior knowledge or experience of 3D printing.
  • -Duration is dependent upon your specific 3D printer and needs of your workforce.
  • -Training can be carried out onsite with your 3D printer, or at our training facility in Cornwall (dependent upon printer model).
  • -Training can be combined with commissioning and setup, and/or Level 2 'Advanced Operator' Training.

This professional development course is designed to introduce your workforce to all of the basics of 3D printing needed to start using your 3D printer with confidence. The course can be adapted to suit your individual requirements. It combines theoretical and practical learning to empower participants to use your specific 3D printer model.

  • By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • -Understand basic use and maintenance of your 3D printer.
  • -Understand safety precautions and procedures.
  • -Replace material and nozzles/print head.
  • -Use the manufacturer's slicer software.

Training Specifications - Level 2 'Advanced Operator'

  • -Designed for participants with prior knowledge of 3D printing, or who have completed our Level 1 'Basic Operator' Training. Can be combined with our Level 1 Training in a two day package.
  • -Duration will be dependent upon your specific 3D printing system.
  • -Training can be carried out onsite with your 3D printer, or in our training facility in Cornwall (dependent on printer model).
  • -Training can be combined with printer commissioning and setup.

This course is designed as a professional development opportunity to up-skill your workforce, developing their knowledge and understanding of 3D printing and your specific 3D printer. It can be customised to address the priorities of your team, enhancing pre- and post-production skills through a combination of theoretical and practical learning.

  • By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • -Print 3D parts with appropriate speed and accuracy.
  • -Effectively plan for printing, considering materials and printer settings.
  • -Change the infill of a part appropriate to the specific application.
  • -Customise support structures for economic printing.
  • -Embed hardware during printing.
  • -Generate an analysis of material consumptions and machine utilisation to plan for efficient printer management.
  • -Perform basic printer troubleshooting.

Commissioning & Setup

Speak to a member of the team about adding this service to your 3D printer purchase.

  • -Available for any number of printers. We can commission one individual machine or a whole department. Duration is dependent upon the number of printers and specific type of printer.
  • -Available with any new printer purchase.
  • -Setup is on your site, leaving you ready to print straight away.
  • -Can be combined with either our Level 1 or Level 2 training courses. If 3D printing is completely new to your business or staff, we would recommend our Level 1 'Basic Operator' Training to ensure that your team is confident in using your 3D printer once installation is complete.

This package allows J-supplied 3D to ensure that your 3D print systems are set up seamlessly, enabling your company the time to continuing doing what you do best.

  • By the end of this package, we will:
  • - Unbox your machine and inspect for any damage incurred during transportation. We always endeavour to carry spares so we can carry out repairs onsite.
  • - Update your firmware.
  • - Level and calibrate your printer.
  • - Network your printers if required.
  • - Set up your slicing software.
  • - Run test prints to ensure you are ready to simply press print when we leave.